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Teracom Training Institute Canada offers comprehensive telecommunications training, telecom training, data communications, networking, IP, wireless, Voice over IP and VoIP training and IP call center technology seminars, online courses, certifications, books and self-paced DVD courses geared to the non-engineering professional.

These popular courses, seminars, videos, DVDs, CBT, online training and textbooks have been provided to personnel from companies and organizations including Nortel, Cisco, Intel, Alcatel, AT&T, Bell Canada, Qualcomm, MCI, Verizon, the Coast Guard, Air Force, Army and Navy, Navcan, the FCC, FBI, IRS, CIA, Microsoft and many more.

Teracom's seminars, DVD video courses and online telecom certification courses are designed for those who need a comprehensive update and overview, as well as for newcomers who need to master technology and concepts quickly. Our specialty is explaining the key concepts underlying telecom, datacom, access, transmission and networking technologies, providing a solid base of knowledge and a structure on which to build in the future.

From telecom and telephony basics, through analog, digital, wireless, packets and frames, protocol stacks, TCP/IP, T1, SONET, Frame Relay, ATM, MPLS, VoIP, optical Ethernet and, of course, the Internet, we cut through the jargon, bust the buzzwords, sort out technology choices and provide you with templates for mainstream solutions that you can put to immediate use.

We invite you to join us to acquire this career-enhancing knowledge! Explore the links below or contact us today to learn more about our public seminars, private on-site training, self-paced video/DVD courses and practical reference books.

Telecommunications training

Online telecom courses
Telecommunications certification
Instructor-led telecommunications training seminars and courses
Self-paced DVD telecom training courses
Telecom training reference books

Wireless training

Instructor-led wireless training seminars and courses
Self-paced DVD wireless training courses

Voice over IP training - VoIP training

Instructor-led VoIP training seminars and courses
Self-paced video/DVD courses

Next-generation telecom: IP Network training

Instructor-led IP training seminars and courses

IP call center technology training

Instructor-led IP contact center training seminars

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Additional telecom training resources

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Teracom Training Institute
Telecommunications training, VoIP training, telecom training seminars, courses, DVD video, elearning and free tutorials

Telecommunications Training

Telecommunications tutorials

Telecommunications Certification Organization
Certification in telecommunications, voip, wireless technology

Telecommunications Certification
Online telecommunications certification

Telecom 101
Telecommunications reference book and textbook

Telecommunications in Canada
History and overview of Canadian telecommunications

The Telecom Training Channel
online training courses on telecom, datacom, networking, wireless and VoIP

Telecom training, VoIP training, wireless training seminars and courses

VoIP training course

Telecom Training
Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers course

VoIP training DVD video and telecom training video

Teracom Training Institute Canada
Telecom training, VoIP training, seminars, courses, DVD video, elearning and free tutorials.
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