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Posted October 4, 2018
Customer Service / Event Management / Book-Keeping

This full-time position involves three main activities:

Customer Service: Interacting with customers via phone and email.  Taking orders.  Fixing small problems.  Getting books and DVDs printed and stocked.  Packaging and shipping books and DVDs.

Event Management: Booking meetings, arranging travel, communicating with instructors and customers. Shipping course books to the event. Making sure customers confirm and pay.

Book-Keeping:  Enter all income and expenses in accounting software.  Prepare all government returns: GST reports, T1s, RL-1s, CNESST etc.

And miscellaneous tasks like checking web sites and supervising fiverrs working on web pages.

The work location is the address below.  Reserved parking spot included, bus from Longueuil Metro or walk from Mont-Ste-Hilaire commuter train. Large friendly office dog included.

We're looking for a hard worker, who is cheerful, careful and thorough, who finds the prospects of doing this job thrilling.  Experience is an asset.  Equal opportunity employer.

Fluent English and passable French is required.  Please tell us your salary expectations.

Please send your application to

Thank you!

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